I have been dedicated to custom fitting of pointe shoes for over 26 years.  I first received my training from Freeds in New York.  When we were initially setting up to sell shoes we were required to be trained directly with Freeds to be considered for an account.  I later had the pleasure of being observed in a pointe fitting by John Minden from Gaynor Minden.  He was so impressed he opened me as his first retailer in the country.  Later, I brought on Suffolk Pointe shoes and I was trained in the correct method of shoe alterations from Mark Suffolk prior to the company moving to Texas.  I was certified by Russian Pointe when I was in Chicago.



Finer Pointes Dance Shop                     207-772-8180

  49 Dartmouth St, portland me             est 1989


End of Act One

It is with great pleasure (and some sadness) I am announcing my new position with Russian Pointe as Fitter and Territory Manager for the Mid Atlantic and New England area.  I have been extremely impressed with Russian Pointe as a company. Their absolute dedication to the pursuit of shoes that are devised in absolute correct alignment for each dancer as well as creating a solid business structure that allows people like me to create opportunities so dancers can better understand how to thrive.     I will be remaining in the Portland area but I will be giving up my job as shop keep at Finer Pointes.  I will be training in Chicago the 30th~3rd.  There may be a brief intermission while the stage is re~set and the band re~tunes.  

At this time I have a few interested parties for the store. If anyone else has interest please send me an email I will make an offer to anyone who truly loves working with dancers and make sure the transition is seamless and smooth.   All paid orders will be filled as well as any scheduled school visits and school uniform requirements.   

My mom and I started this business from scratch in 1989.  It has allowed me to meet some remarkable dancers and parents.  I am forever grateful for the time I have spent serving you.    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community.  I am blessed.